Our Services

Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication
Our primary focus is precision metal fabrication. That is our core eompetency and everything else we do is to compliment precision sheet metal fabrication. Our team's background is in fabrication. We draw on our fabrication expertise to offer other services that we feel is important to our customers. We are committed to being a top-tier fabricator--to provide fast turnaround times, top-notch quality, at a fair price.

Powder Painting, Artwork Generation and Screen Printing
Who knows your product and requirments bettter than the company you contract with to fabricate your products? Why then would you hire a fabricator who sub-contracts all the finishing to a third party? That's why M4 performs all our finishing in-house. We have the tools to help you design your product artwork with your logo and graphics. We powder coat the product in-house, make our own screens, and do all of our own screen printing. We control the whole process.

3D Computer Modeling and Design
Many customers have come to rely on M4 as their primary product designer. We take this responsibility very seriously and work closely with our customers to design products that meet and exceed their demands and their customers' demands. We can supply you with the complete prints, BOMs, 3D CAD models, 3D CAD assembly models, movie files showing assembly step-by-step for assembly personnel.