Company News

Ruggedized Cases
M4 Manufacturing manufactures ruggedized cases. These cases are water and dust proof, lined with high -impact, closed cell foam, and made out of .060 rigidized aluminum. Cases can be customized to fit your needs and demands.

Tempest Chassis and Enclosures
M4 Manufacturing designs and fabricates Tempest chassis for customers who require RF leak-proof enclosures. Some of our tempest chassis are in use at the State Department, military, at television and radio stations, and satellite uplink facilities.

Plastic Welding
M4 Manufacturing can now weld plastics for a variety of applications. It's just one more way M4 is expanding its capabilities to better meet customer needs.

Shock Proof Enclosures
M4 fabriactes a number of chassis for customers whose products must be shock proof. M4's enclosures have passed all the blast tests they've been through. Our parts have withstood over 100 Gs of force and the welds were still holding with no signs of stress at the joint--the blast sheered quarter-inch aluminum though.