About Us

M4 Manufacturing is a certified, woman owned precision sheet metal fabricator located in the central Virginia town of Forest, just outside of Lynchburg. Our location is a great area for manufacturing because of its manufacturing history and expertise and its location--being just over three hours from Northern Viriginia/Washignton DC, one hour from the North Carolinia border, and central location on the East Coast.

M4 began operations in November 2001 and quickly made a name for itself in the custom electronic enclosure industry. We worked closely with our customers in designing and fabricating chassis and enclosures that met their mechanical, production, aesthetic, and economic demands. Soon customers were relying on M4 not just for production, but also as their primary chassis and eclosure designer.

We are currently working on projects to make our products and our customers products superior. We are working on new techniques in finishing that will increase the durability and aesthetic qualities of screen printing and powder painting. Some customers are using these new techniques on their new product rollout and are receiving rave reviews from the market.

We are also designing new internal procedures that will increase efficiencies, decrease costs, decrease turn-around times, and increase product quality.

Joyce Murphy, Owner and CEO. Joyce has over 30 years experience in business and management. Joyce has worked for both large multinational corporations and small businesses and has held various positions in those companies gaining a vast knowledge of business and how a successfiul business works. Joyce has worked her way up in her carreer from switchboard operator to accounting department manager to owner. Her eagerness to learn and do what it takes to get the job is what has always set her apart.

Tim Murphy, President. Tim has 33 years experience in business and manufacturing from grain storage and handling to microwave tower manufacturing. In 1993, Tim was a founder and the President of a precision sheet metal fabricator that went on to become one of the largest in the Mid-Atlantic area before being sold in 1998. Under his leadership, the company was a leader and innovator in the field of sheet metal fabrication for the telecommunications industry. Many of his fabrication innovations are now common practice in sheet metal fabrication. Like his wife, Joyce, Tim has earned a reputation for getting the job done on time and right.

Eron Murphy, Vice President. Eron graudated maga-cum-laude and with highest honors in 1999 with a degree finance. In 2000, he completed the intensive Management Development Program of a large east coast bank before becoming a commercial banker. While working for the bank, Eron learned first-hand how to manage start-ups and the various stages a company naturally goes through. He was able to take complex financial functions and explain them to non-financial managers of the companies he dealt with in order to help them with their own financial decisions. Growing up watching Tim in manufacturing and since joining M4, Eron has learned manufacturing processes and fabrication techniques and is now the Engineering Manager.